Bitcoins guide
Here is simple guide to buy premium with your bitcoins. Follow three easy steps below.

1. Creating new bitcoin wallet

If you have bitcoin wallet already, you probably don't need this guide at all, and surely can skip this step. We suggest to register your wallet with, as the most trustfull service of this kind. It also avoids need to install and configure any software on your PC. Click here for detailed instruction.

2. Buying Bitcoins

We will buy Bitcoins using your PayPal, however the same steps can be applied to buying with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Skrill, Paysafecard, Sofort banking, Ukash and OKpay. Click here for detailed instruction.

3. Purchasing premium

Final step is the most easy: Click here for detailed instruction.
1. Open if your browser and click "Wallet" in main menu: registration 01
2. Click "Create My Free Wallet": registration 02
3. Use existing mail and strong password for your wallet. Forgotten passwords are UNRECOVERABLE and will results in LOSS of ALL of your bitcoins! After completing registration form, click "Continue" button: registration 03

If everything was entered correctly, you should receive Wallet Recovery Mnemonic, you should save it! Check your e-mail for verification letter from If you unable to find it in inbox, make sure it's not in spam/junk folder! Click Verification link to confirm your new wallet.
4. After confirming new wallet you are ready to sign in your account. Use Login Link from confirmation e-mail to open login form. Enter you password and click "Open Wallet" button: registration 04
5. Congratulations! Now you have your own bitcoin wallet! Save bitcoin address, share it with anyone and they can send you payments: registration 05
1. Firstly you will need VirWox account. Open in your browser and click "Register here >>" button:

Buying bitcoins 01
2. Complete registration form, provide valid information. Leave optional fields default. Make sure you have saved TIN number. Agree with Terms of Service and click "Register!" button:

Buying bitcoins 02

If everything was entered correctly, you will receive message with your credentials. Check your e-mail for letter from virwox (make sure it's not in spam/junk folder). You will be provided with temporary password for account. This password is valid only for 24 hours! It's important to change temporary password to another one as soon as it possible!
3. Now sign in your new account. Use temporary password from registration email:

Buying bitcoins 03
4. Next step is to deposit funds on your VirWox account. Click "Deposit" item in menu or follow this url: Click here. At the top of the page you are able to see payment options overview with fees and limits. Make sure you are depositing enough amount! Scroll down to chosen payment option, enter deposit amount and currency and click checkout button:

Buying bitcoins 04
5. If previous step was successful you'll receive payment receipt with detailed information. Your deposit will be reflected in account balance:

Buying bitcoins 05
6. You should exchange your balance to SLL virtual currency in order to buy bitcoins. Choose EUR/SLL exchange direction on sidebar or follow this url: Click here. Enter amount to sell and click "Next >" button:

Buying bitcoins 06

VirWox comission to exchange EUR/SLL is 50 SLL + 2.90%
7. Now you are able to buy Bitcoins to your VirWox account balance. Choose BTC/SLL exchange direction or follow this url: Click here. Specify amount to buy and click "Next >" button:

Buying bitcoins 07

VirWox comission to exchange EUR/SLL is 50 SLL + 2.90%
8. You can withdraw Bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet now! Click "Withdraw" item in menu. Choose "Withdraw to Bitcoin" method and fill withdrawal data. A handling fee of 0.005 BTC will be charged. Use bitcoin address from your account:

Buying bitcoins 08

Congratulations! Now you have Bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet.
Click "BUY" button under chosen bitcoin premium plan: purchase 01
2. Premium price in Bitcoin currency can vary during short period of time, depending of current BTC exchange rate. That's why you need to make purchase as quickly as possible. The countdown timer is on the left-bottom corner. Copy bitcoin address above the green arrow. This address is generated for you to send payment for premium: purchase 02

Do not close this window until payment will be completed!
3. Sign in your account, you should have some bitcoins on your balance already. Choose "Send Money" tab and paste exact bitcoin address and payment amount in bitcoins which are listed on invoice page (previous step). Doublecheck entered values and click "Send Payment" button: purchase 03
4. Return to invoice page, payment status will be updated automatically. Click "Continue to" button: purchase 04
5. Congratulations! You just bought premium account with Bitcoins: purchase 05